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Have you ever...

March 21, 2011

Have you ever felt annoyed with the way things pan out?????  Meaning...were you able to handle the situation to the best of your ability?   Meaning...did you say exactly how you felt????  Meaning....did you leave any room for error?  Pondering????

I have encountered many situations...some good, and some bad...but they damn sure made me the person that I am.  Good / Bad / or Indifferent.

I also have encountered many different situations with many different people that were really really good and then some really really bad...some that started really good! and then ended up bad or were bad and then turned out good...I am sure that you all encountered that also...but my thing is this...I always come to this phrase and always seem to quesiton it because I rather walk away then to deal with bullshyat...so I need help with this one.

"Friends close / Enemies closer" - this quote orginated from Machiavelli in "The Prince" which was the definitive primer on how to be a great dictator.  Later on Sun-tzu was the one who said "Know your enemy and know yourself and you will always be victorious" which I believe sounds a hell of a lot more feasible then the above.  Also Michael Corleone said it in GodFather II.

How does this work??? LMAO...I mean...I know what it means...and I think I some what am able to do it...but I always toil with the fact that sometimes I rather drop the negative and move on.  Make sense????

Let me break it down...I went on a hunt to find out what others thought...and here it is!

On my google search I bumped into this by Keita Kienyatta:

"in human nature to keep our enemies closer to us than our friends...afterall, who wants to have negative energy around them"

He then preceded to say this one about women>>>>>>>>>>>>

"women play a whole different game - women will associate, talk with, invite another woman in her home & commune with each other KNOWING THEY CAN'T STAND THE OTHER WOMANS GUTS-------'they' smile in each others faces like they are best friends & then talk about each other like dogs when they are away from the other woman"

2 SNAPS IN A CIRCLE...Dayummmm...I can soooo say a hell of a lot about that...but I think that is another post! But I will say...I am not messing with you that...who the hell has time for all this....I mean really.

What he says about men is this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"a man that doesn't like another man does not even talk to the other man, will not fake the funk / invite that man into his house"

But I must add that men too talk shit! Don't front!

I lean towards the man side most of the time because I prefer NOT to associate with people if I truely do not like them and I know they do not have me as their best interest.  I rather be called all names then to do something that I know doesn't resonate well with me. 

Kenyatta broke it down this way...

He says that the phrase Keep your friends close & ememies closer means that "you keep the enemies within your own self closer. I would want to keep the enemies of jealousy, anger, lust, and other parts of my dark side closer to me so as to not infect others with them or to allow them to bring back the energy that corresponds to them.  My friends, such as my positive side are energies that I can let out more becuase I would want the corresponding energies of them being out to come back to me with like energies." True!!!! I can see that...

Then I bump into another phrase that made me say hmmmmm...."For every friend you have you have 2 enemies" DAYUMMMMMM

Okay so what my mother said to me when I was younger was right...don't have to many friends Boonee...(no laughter please that's one of the infamous nicknames that I have)

Then I bumped into this one >>>>>>>

Unknown said: "you must know as much as possible about your enemy. their every move, their strategies & basically what they are thinking. you must be prepared, in case they attack. you must also know when they are weak & vunerable, so you can know when to close in on them" >>>>>>>>>How the hell am I going to do all that...better yet WHO THE HELL HAS TIME FOR ALL OF THIS...I need to write down my every move in a planner so I dont forget...not only that plug into my phone as a second reminder...really do I have time to be worried about the next...BUT what perturbs me is that there are people that do make time for that...that are concerned with what someone else is doing to only desire to ruin someone else's life...who are just purely evil...BOO TO THEM! Don't you know about karma...that shit is REAL...

All I know is that the best thing for me to do is drop the dead weight and move on...if we don't get down we just don't get down...not everyone is going to like me and not everyone is going to like you...that is what makes the world go round...All the real ones will be there and I will be there for them also...

I read a great quote this weekend that hits the nail...

"God doesn't make mistakes, so trust that when someone ends up in your past they're their for a reason"


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