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Happy MLK!

January 21, 2013
Love this video!!! Can you name some of the peeps in this??????? For a King Celebrate - Sing Sing Celebrate!!!!!

Makeup Collection by Alber Elbaz For Lancôme

January 14, 2013
Set to launch June 15 worldwide, WWD stated that there will be a Lancôme limited edition line by Alber Elbaz that will consist of lots of fantastic eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes...check out the teaser...too cute!

Lancôme International president Youcef Nabi wrote in a statement:

“Alber Elbaz is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most influential fashion designers. But beyond that, he is also the most talented. His sense of luxury, his vision of femininity and that hint of audacity resonate perfectly with the new values of the Maison Lancôme. We are extremely proud and happy that, with us, he is set to channel his universe in the world of makeup for the very first time.”

What I am Listening to Right Now!

January 14, 2013
This is my ish! love!

Happy New Year From Iz A Trend

January 14, 2013

Hey All-
Happy New Year to you and yours!!!! Hope the new year came as smoothly for you as it did for me. As you may have noticed...we over at Iz A Trend have been pretty laxed on posts as of late and that is due to some new updates we are working on. We have new bloggers on deck & new treats to share while keeping up with all the new things going on in the world. We are moving in a new direction and as always we want your feedback. Look out for the format and keep up with us! Thanks for all the support!
Bless! `


Song of the Day - Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain

December 05, 2012
Shout out to my co-workers on making me watch this today!!!! Early morning fun at the office...one of them was born in 1990 by the way...smh!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

Get Active - NJ Rebels

November 30, 2012

Still cannot get enough of this song!

Baseville Cypher

November 30, 2012
Check out the homies...

More Expensive Nail Polish

November 30, 2012

Keeping in motion with my previous post...I wanted to look up more expensive nail polish...and this one is right up there well not quite but still from the $6-$12 we, meaning you and me, spend on nail polish...Above find the Red Carpet Manicure Amor 24 Gel Polish costing a wopping $5K because...drumroll please...it contains 24 carat gold...first worn by our girl Rihanna during the Grammy's!

Next up...Chanel's Limited Edition Feu De Russie 347 polish...costing............$9,994.50! You asked why...well here it is...created by director Peter Philips for Moscow Fashion Week in 2007. It was part of the "Chanel Moscou" collection!

Models Own Gold Rush Polish costion $130K...features a handmade yellow gold lid encursted with 1,118 diamonds!!!!!!

Last but not least...MY FAVORITE!
Get iced with an Iced Manicure cost you $51K by manicurist Cherish Angula...so what do you tip her? This manicure is an arrangement of 10 carats worth of diamonds plus a complimentary after-care which includes safe removal of the diamonds. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

So how do you feel about this!!! Honestly...as crazy as it may sound...I LOVE IT!

$250K Nail Polish

November 30, 2012

The world's most expensive nail polish to date! Worn by many celebrities for instance Kelly Osbourne (she def can afford that)...this polish contants 267 carats worth of black diamonds...LOVE! Thoughts????
Azatura Black Diamond Polish

Red Candy at FREECANDY

November 26, 2012

Hey Y'all...
JersyKlan is back at it again on Dec 1st!!!! If you were at the last show...She's F...ing the Band this past weekend, and experienced the debacle...bring ya a$$ back out to Free Candy in BK for Red Candy...Why NOT!!! Guaranteed a good night!
<span style="font-size: medium;"><em>

</em><em><strong>RED CANDY
@ FREECANDY (905 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY)
(a RED themed mixed genre concert/party experience)

</strong>Doors@ 8pm $10 Admission (18 to Party, 21 to Drink)
the line is up ill...

Raye 6
Black Spades

Complimentary Beverages will be served between 10-11pm (on seleceted LQ) better then nothing
DJ Ezrakh x Tim Dolla killin the air waves
Hosted by: Elete (St. Joe Louis) x GITOO(DRUGSBYDREADS)
Sponored by: Clique Vodka, Trustfund Collective

Celebrating Vick's Birthday (of NJstreetKLAN)

Rihanna: Lights up in BLUE in London

November 20, 2012

Back with more of Rihanna - my style crush!  Bajan beauty rocks a several pieces from two designers' collection. The lady in royal blue was in London last night for bring life to Westfield Stratford City Christmas Lights.  She literally light up overseas in Acne grey/blue striped tank & trouser combo under a blue wool double-breast coat by Raf Simons. She steals from the boys & turns it into an sexy ensemble only she can pull off. Rihanna this look gave me life honey!

Rihanna's Sexy GQ Outtakes: Men of the Year 2012

November 14, 2012

Photographs by Sebastin Kim, Mario Sorrenti / GQ

New Swatch Collections

November 14, 2012

<span style="font-size: small;">As a tribute to the World Snowboard Tour Champions, this YEAHAAA watch was designed by Swatch contest winner Marta Zarina-Gelze. Clean & sleek with a soundwave of blue at the 12 o'clock hand traveling down to 6 o'clock. Congratulations!


<span style="font-size: small;">Swatch's new sports collection with fun all-over fun patterns and prints makes room let your one of your wrists to have fun!


New Gent collection's out with some warm colors such as taupe, cacao and squirrel (such fancy names). They have more poppin' colors available on at their home. Check it out after the jump.

Louis Vuitton Video "Arizona Muse"

November 13, 2012
Louis Vuitton's first ever full length tv spot???? Starring Arizona Muse opening an antique LV trunk up in the Lourve (LOVE LOVE)...sounds a little Da Vinci Code much...Thoughts???

Kate Moss & Rihanna: Risqué SM Photos for V Magazine

November 10, 2012

Risqué + Sexy is every man's fantasy!
Supermodel Kate Moss & superstar Rihanna teamed up for the SM-themed photoshoot for "V" Magazine.

BTS: Rihanna after the photoshoot tweeting, "And that's a wrizzap."

Heel Condoms - How to video

November 09, 2012
Hey yall -
I've blogged about the heel condoms way back in 2010 (click here)
These things are pretty DOPE! Sass up any shoe!

Latest Video from NJ Rebels - Jrugs Rock n Roll

November 09, 2012
The New Jersey Rebels (aka NJRFSU) are back with a new visual off the "Our First Mixtape" project released in January 2011. Sampling "Who da Funk's" Shiny Disco ball the song really captures the Rebellious lifestyle of these 3 guys. The video was shot and directed by B.L.V.D films. Follow the group on twitter @NJRFSU and Download the single HERE

Dance Track - Azealia Banks' "Fierce" Video

November 09, 2012
Pretty fun song to listen too & most of all dance too!

Deepak Chopra x Rachel Roy Holiday Capsule Collection

November 08, 2012

Rachel Roy has teamed up with her spiritual mentor, Deepka Chopra and created a holiday capsule collection of t-shirts and jewelry. With symbols & messages of empowerment, truth, goodness, beauty, harmony and compassion; a portion of the proceeds goes to The Chopra Foundation. Watch Rachel Roy & Deepka Chopra discuss their collaboration after the jump.

Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me

November 08, 2012

Such a great song! Ready to jump out of my seat...and lyrics...well dayumm!!!! It's MY LIFE!

Gap Holiday Commerical f. Nas & Olu Dara

November 08, 2012

Nas is so damn hot! Nuff said! I wouldn't mind him wrapped up in a box under my tree this year or any year for that matter!

For You Fola...

November 05, 2012

Hey Hey Fola -

I promised you this pic way way back!!!!!! Grace's skin is flawless...Love Love!  Have you ever seen this one before...I bet you have! Bless!


Oh Sandy!

November 05, 2012

Hey Hey Hey -

Hope all of you are holding up well and keeping it FABULOUS!  This storm has definitely put some things into prospective. 

I would like to share with you:

When I stay in the house to long...I GO CRAZY meaning good! I am almost done with my DIY project...coffee table (cannot wait to show); it just needs to be shellaced and we are gravy baby.

In times of trouble...peeps get stressed. (way to state the obvious Iz)

People hold grudges!  Better start repenting...this ish just got really real. 

I am concockting a new master plan...This is one life altering life changing life GROWING thing, putting it on paper then we are off!

And let's not forget this one...during times of trouble you realize who your friends are...who's family...and all that real shit!

I love my family but cannot take them all at once in one location...LMAO (talk about an oxymoran...one statement to the next)! I know this sounds all too familar to you all!

I am also very blessed to have all these wonderful people around me who continuelly keep me laughing ALL THE TIME!

On another note...Everyone I know are foodies ! We had Thanksgiving dinner last night...whole turkey all the sidings...a whole ham the other night...taco night and everything from everyone else's fridge/freezer since we were the ones with electricity.  Thankful about that! 
We are also well known at the liquor store.  I will not go into that!

Those are just a few things going on right now...besides the fact that I have not been to work since and I am still tracking down for gas.  Luckily it's all about odd numbers today...well at least I think so!  Stay worm kiss your mom! Hopefully this snow storm they keep talking about isn't so...do not know if we can withstand!


Usually do not post picutres but this is just to show...I haven't done my hair or makeup in over a week! I NEED OUT!

LL Cool J's Daughters Model Simone I. Smith Jewelry Collection

October 29, 2012

LL Cool J's daughters are gorgeous and rocking their mother's jewelry
in the latest ad campaign for the Simone I. Smith collection.

Italia Smith wearing the Destiny earrings and Gravel cuff.

Nina Smith with her cute little self wearing the Infinite Love earrings.

Samaria Smith wearing earrings from the A Sweet Touch of Hope jewelry line dedicated to cancer awareness and cancer survival.

Solange Knowles' Favorite Pieces from Lady Grey Jewelry

October 29, 2012

Solange shares her favorite pieces from the Lady Grey Jewelry collection.
Beautiful pieces by Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader who started Lady Grey in 2009,
and won Gen Art's Designer of the Year International award in accessories the same year.
View Solange's favorite pieces here.

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